About us:

We are like trees planted by the rivers of waters Psalms 1:3

The standard church is affiliated with the independent holiness Churches in or of Canada. We have been at this location since 1972. Our congregation is mixed with people from different cultures and ages. We love to worship singing both traditional hymns and modern songs, we love meeting new people and sharing Jesus, sharing our testimonies, praying for others and supporting them on their journey of life


We Believe:

  • in one God manifested as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • in the inspired Word of God as a basis for doctrine and practice.

  • in the universal moral depravity of the human race.

  • that Jesus Christ died for the sins of all mankind.

  • in the necessity of the New Birth for Salvation.

  • in the witness of the Holy Spirit assuring the believer of his salvation.

  • in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or sanctification for effective witnessing.

  • that the gifts of the Spirit are active within the body of the church today.

  • all who refuse God's plan of Salvation are destined for a Hell prepared for Satan and his angels.

  • in the personal, visible, second coming of Jesus Christ to catch away His Church to Heaven.

The standard church


3101 East 22nd Ave. Vancouver

V5M 2Y7


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